BGW helps shops of all sizes reduce down-time on their coffee equipment. We offer service plans to prevent machine failure and when something is broken, we respond quickly to get it repaired.

Service Plans

A BGW Service Plan is the best way to ensure your equipment is serviced at regular intervals to prevent as much down-time as possible.

Espresso Machine

BGW services traditional espresso machines in three intervals: annual, semi-annual, or quarterly. Superautomatic machines are serviced as the manufacturer recommends, usually on an annual or semi-annual basis.

Coffee Brewers

Most coffee brewers need service on an annual basis. Brewer preventative maintenance varies widely in scope between makes and models but if a part can be rebuilt, we’ll rebuild it. If a part is high-fail and cost effective to replace, we replace it.

Coffee Grinders

Grinders need regular burr replacements based on coffee throughput. Some grinders can grind 25,000 lbs of coffee before the burrs need replaced while others need replaced after just 2,000 lbs.


Water filtration is the most important aspect of good coffee and good equipment health. Inline water filters should be replaced quarterly or semiannually, depending on the filter size and water usage. Reverse-osmosis membranes should be replaced every two to three years. Water softeners should be recharged on an annual or semiannual basis depending on the size.

Get a Quote for Coffee Equipment Maintenance

Your business depends on its coffee equipment operating smoothly and without downtime. Contact us to learn about your options for service plans. BGW creates individualized plans based on your equipment assets and offers discounted plans for multi-location and multi-bar shops.


We offer three options for repair service depending on urgency. If your machine
is completely down, our technicians can respond within 24 hours.


P3 service response time is up to 7 business days and will not incur overtime charges.


P2 service response time is 48 hours and may require overtime charges, if approved.


P1 service response time is 24 hours and overtime charges are approved.


First, we’ll create a pre-install checklist specific to your equipment to help prepare the site for install. We’ll answer any questions you have and help identify your site’s specific needs. Once the site is confirmed ready, we’ll install the new machine. We can even uninstall and remove the current machine if you’re upgrading. We’ll calibrate and program the new unit to your recipes, then conduct a staff training on the use and cleaning of their new setup. Most espresso machine installs cost $500 + tax, and include the setup and calibration of an espresso grinder if required