Every problem is a window of opportunity. You just have to open it up and that’s what we did.

We literally designed a hole in the wall. Created less machine and more experience. So the connection and interaction between customer and barista is optimized to the max. Real magic happens when you are able to translate state of the art technology into ease of use. To let all engineering possibilities work together to produce a quality product like no other.

A word from the Creators of AREMDE

Named Best New Product by the Specialty Coffee Association

The AREMDE partners came together: a designer, an engineer, an entrepreneur and a marketeer. From different continents and cultures, but with one common goal: to remake the future of professional coffee."

Top Rated AREMDE Products

Service Packages

Say goodbye to service interruptions that nobody wants

Our specialized preventive maintenance plans are meticulously crafted to keep your coffee equipment operating smoothly. With our proactive approach, you can more confidently avoid unexpected downtime and focus on what matters most – serving your customers.

Training & Education

Our extensive training classes equip your team with the knowledge and resource for success at any point in the game.

We offer tailored solutions for in person and virtual training sessions to meet your needs. Whether you are a start up, experienced cafe owner, franchise or just trying to learn how to make better espresso on your machine. We can work with you to find a training solution that makes sense for you and your team. Learn more about training and real time technical support opportunities now.

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Get A Hands-On Demonstration, See It, Touch It, Feel It.

Can you imagine spending thousands of dollars on equipment without ever taking it for a “test drive”? Neither can we. You can experience your next coffee machine in-person at our Brew Grind Water Cafes or set up a time to get an online, live virtual demonstration with an equipment expert.

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