Malibu Upgrade

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Unleash Your Espresso Machine's Full Potential with "The Malibu Upgrade"

*available on all 2-3 group traditional espresso machines

Exclusively at Brew Grind Water (BGW), we've unveiled our latest masterpiece that's turning heads and elevating brands. Dive into a design so unique, it's inspired by the iconic American cinema – the "Barbie" movie. 

Our dedicated in-house designers have meticulously blended artisanship with the essence of espresso, crafting a visual and sensory delight. The Malibu Upgrade isn't just an addition to your espresso machine; it's a tribute to creativity and innovation. 

Featuring a striking balance of vivid and pastel tones, each component of the design, metal or plastic, boasts a dual-tone colorization achieved through high-quality powder coating and the finesse of automotive paint. The steam knob covers, adorned with the distinguished "Marzocco" - a seated lion with the crest of the Florentine Lily, symbolizing victory and triumph, the inspiration behind the namesake of La Marzocco. Each meticulously hand-painted to match the color scheme flawlessly.

We've elevated the traditional La Marzocco logo, upgrading it to the prestigious FB70 logo, commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Fratelli Bambi legacy. And in true homage to the playful spirit of the "Barbie" film, we've adorned the machines with artisan-crafted Barbie Magnets. Designed for innovation, these magnets invite baristas to rearrange and reinvent, keeping the inspiration fresh and vibrant.

The Malibu was featured at the Specialty Coffee EXPO Chicago 2024, where the Brew Grind Water team has already captured hearts with their Barbie-inspired Linea PB innovation. La Marzocco applauds, "One of the finest custom jobs we've stumbled upon in a while." 

Ready to elevate your espresso experience? The Malibu Upgrade is available now for any espresso machine. For a personalized touch, we invite you to a design consultation. Whether you have questions, ideas, or dreams for your machine, let us craft something uniquely yours.

Embrace the artisanship. Experience the Malibu.

Add it to your machine today!


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